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Doing Good

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How would you punish a cop killer?
30 replies
Nov 18, 2016
MartinTheFirst18-21, M
I would hug them 馃
Carver26-30, F
Same punishment as any killer: life imprisonment.
firefall61-69, M
Life in prison for first degree murder, the same as any other murder.

Despite the polices' delicate fee-fees, they aren't actually a special protected class of citizens, they are just citizens like anyone else.
sighmeupforthat41-45, M
which ones? cops kill cops also.

and why is this a topic? cops and people have been killing each other since long before the hoover years.
Having issues much with people in general?!
KaliKali31-35, F
I don't believe in a punitive justice system.
Nefarious18-21, M
Depends on if it was self defense or not
SW User
I would smack him
MartinTheFirst18-21, M
that'll teach him!
I think murderers should be put to death tbfh regardless of the risks
@firefall: Yes
firefall61-69, M
@VampiricPersona: thanks for the warning. You wont mind if you're first on the death list, then
@firefall: I would be grateful, about time this country legalized suicide booths, they need to stop with lethal injection and just use a high speed battering ram to crush heads. criminals don't deserve faces and neither do I.
lisasama22-25, F
By calling him a nigger .... see what I did there? 馃槵馃枙馃徏
KingofPizza231-35, M
Make him or her save the life of TEN cops!

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