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Feminism is a mental illness 馃ゴ
18-21, F
53 replies
May 22, 2020
zweipunktnull18-21, F
wtf is wrong with her???
marvn569446-50, C
So stupid
Infobot41-45, M
What about same sex male parents and single fathers? 馃

Someone slap this bitch with a tennis racket.
It truly is lol.
Adaydreambeliever51-55, F
Ahh true feminism isn't at all a mental illness.. everyone should be a feminist as it works for both men and women.. People often mistake and mislabel extremist feminism as feminsim.. it's not hating men etc. I can understand why people get confused but another way to look at it is that it's like when any extremists get in on the act.. people notice them and they damage the cause of those who have valid causes
This message was deleted by its author.
Adaydreambeliever51-55, F
[@348365,Zaxel] It might well be an outdated term, you are arguably right there - it perhaps should be revised and renamed, humanism I think someone else suggested. But sadly there is still a need. And while you are entitled to disagree, and I am sure you will, feminism the true form and not the extremist sensationists who have entirely a different agenda, IS about equality of more fairness and providing a level playing field so that no one is held back.
Zaxel22-25, M
[@7167,Adaydreambeliever] whatever the "true" form of feminism is supposed to be, these types of arguments ignore whatever is being done in the name of "feminism". its like when people say a true "muslim" or a true "christian" doesnt do this, but ignores x, y , z things that people have done in the name of religion.
SurprisePartyRegicide18-21, M
my head just exploded and my twitching body is typing this.
LillyWater26-30, F
How about instead of feminism and masculism we have humanism and just treat each other well? Or that's just too advanced for our primitive heads?
[@1091266,LillyPut] Because everyone is still not [b]equal[/b] internationally. Feminism is still relevant in parts of the world where women [b]don鈥檛[/b] have basic human rights.
LillyWater26-30, F
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] this is what I'm saying. If people were sane, there would not be need of feminism
[@1091266,LillyPut] Agreed.
No. Feminism is about equal rights and opportunities for girls and women. I鈥檓 guessing you wouldn鈥檛 want to [b]lose[/b] yours.
[b]This[/b] is extremism, not feminism, and [b]that鈥檚 [/b] what鈥檚 ridiculous.
It would make no sense to cancel Father鈥檚 Day unless we also cancel Mother鈥檚 Day鈥攐ut of respect to [b]men[/b] raising children alone.
marvn569446-50, C
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] totally not.
TurtlePink18-21, F
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] What rights and opportunities though?
[@526179,TurtlePink] Are you serious ? Before feminism, you could only work at certain jobs, even if you could do the job you wanted. Sometimes they鈥檇 give you a different title so you weren鈥檛 paid as much as a man doing the same work and taking the same risks.
In some states you couldn鈥檛 own property without a co-signer (father, brother, husband). There were fewer opportunities for advancement. I had a boss tell me in 1982 that he was promoting a man (who had fewer credentials) over me because [b]he[/b] 鈥渘eeded the money鈥 to support a wife and kids whereas I was just a 鈥減retty girl鈥 who would probably 鈥渜uit and get married鈥. Employers can鈥檛 [b]assume[/b] that based upon gender anymore.
Incidentally, I stayed with company for 33 years, and eventually was promoted, a few times.
Not to mention that the whole world isn鈥檛 the West and there are feminists in other countries that are dealing with serious issues like girls still having to fight for a basic education, or being punished for being [b]victims[/b] of sexual assault. You [b]know[/b] this to be true.
quitwhendone46-50, M
That's just plain stupid. Each and every human being has a father. That father may or may not be in the child's life but he exists.
[@955094,quitwhendone] And wouldn鈥檛 gay fathers have the right to celebrate Father鈥檚 Day ? She鈥檚 鈥渃oncerned鈥 about same sex couples, but didn鈥檛 think [b]that[/b] through.
quitwhendone46-50, M
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] Exactly.

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