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Is watching a drunk sleep similar to watching a baby sleep?
馃懚 馃樀
36-40, F
15 replies
Mar 17, 2019
hyg34636-40, M
No difference honestly.
bourbon91-99, M
I feel like you might get more random verses of old songs out of a drunk. and probably worse puke.
Oddnelly36-40, F
[@887863,bourbon] maybe
bourbon91-99, M
[@383883,Oddnelly] to be honest, I've only ever really watched drunks sleep. and even then, not for long. me watching babies sleep would just be creepy.
well, except for once with my niece and that was just weird cuz she literally sleeps with eyes open.
Oddnelly36-40, F
[@887863,bourbon] 馃槃
AlasPoorYorick46-50, M
Drool? Check. Crapping in pants? Check. May wake and need assistance? Check. Yes.
Oddnelly36-40, F
[@371623,AlasPoorYorick] haha
There are a few similarities: the occasional gurgling, peeing with very little body reactions, waking up hungry...
Oddnelly36-40, F
[@485959,seeandhear] haha! 馃槀
[@383883,Oddnelly] 馃榿
Actually I was more concerned.
Oddnelly36-40, F
[@325434,jetpack] about who
[@383883,Oddnelly] about the passed out drunks labored breathing.
Oddnelly36-40, F
[@325434,jetpack] yes me too.
MikeSp51-55, M
Pretty much...

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