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I am a New Member at Similar Worlds

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Hello, Similar Worlds! 😛 ✌
26-30, MAdmin
9 replies
Apr 26, 2016
PeanutsauntieP1982 · 36-40, F
Hey EP2! I'm so very pleased to be on here, even if it's not quite done yet!! YAYYY!!!
Testing123 · 18-21, F
Thank you for a great site.
xTutu7x · F
Minimizing the polls to where we could only see them if we click on the question or story would be nice. Also, if we could reply to each other directly in the comment section. I'm sure you guys are working on it, but just wanted to put it out there just in case. Heart
DreamCandy · 22-25, F
Hi there~~ Thank you for creating this site. I know that you indubitably had NO obligation to create an entirely new website, but you did anyways. You obviously spent a lot of time, financial resources, sleepless nights, and effort on this and I am grateful for all your hard work. Don't let the negative people get you down. Not everyone will be appreciative, but many are, including me. I was skeptical at first but I will support the Similar Worlds team if they keep up the good work. ♡♡♡
Nuno · 26-30, MAdmin
Thank you all for your very kind words. Those mean a lot to us!
This message was deleted.
PinkLisa · F
Hello, Similar Worlds! I Hope You Stick Around For Many Decades. ✌ ✌ 😛 😛 ✌ ✌ 😛 😛
This message was deleted.
SpiritOfSoul · 22-25, F
Glad to have emerged as one member here who managed to bring so many members on SW together through one of my posts. Over 48000 responses to the post thus far in under 3 months. And over 15000 views till date.
Raythedevil · 51-55, M
👿I'm proud to have helped to shepherd Tatts' thread to it's current standing.
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I am a New Member at Similar Worlds
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Hello, Similar Worlds! 😛 ✌ | I am a New Member at Similar Worlds | Similar Worlds