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I Love Choking
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A few nights ago

Daddy had four beers then suddenly decided he wanted a back rub. I started in my usual way of touching and gently kissing his back. In between we were occasionally kissing each other's lips. I nuzzled his neck and kissed behind his ear. Before long he was climbing the walls in anticipation. He pushed my hand down his jeans and into his boxers "cop this" he said. Feeling a hard cock under my hand I grasped it quickly. Smiling I withdrew my hand and started to undress. He gasped as I revealed my tits and pussy. He started to undress too and I resumed my hand on his cock as he felt for my now wet pussy. We then retired to the bedroom and he kissed me whilst feeling my my pussy all around the outside. Before when I was desperate shoving his fingers inside. I was soon close to a climax and shuddered to orgasm. Soaking his fingers with my juices. I can repeatedly over and over as I played with his cock. Wanking him slowly at first then more quickly. It took him a long time to cum. When he did it soaked my belly. I love the feeling of warm sticky chum against my skin. We then retired into the living room. But it didn't stop there. I kept on touching him and it wasn't long before he then gestured downwards "suck my cock bitch". I eagerly took him in my mouth and began slowly sucking every inch mixing my saliva with his pre cum. As I sucked he put a hand on either side of my throat and began pressing gently at first. No-one was touching my pussy yet I still moaned with the pleasure I felt there. As he got more turned on he gripped my throat harder. Sometimes i found it difficult to swallow but not so hindering on my breath. He then started pushing my head further down on his cock until I was finding it hard not to gag. We got to a point where he needed to per so we decided to give it a break. Shortly after he went to bed and I followed. He said no more I'm knackered. I started kissing down his back and gently kissing and nibbling his bottom. Before going back to his neck. I touched his chest running my fingers up and down it and down his side. He rolled onto his back hard again. I sucked him again with more lust this time I moaned with pleasure as he felt my pussy as I sucked him. I sucked him as hard as I could. I nibbled his length which he loves. I sucked him like a woman enjoying a good meal. I came again. But try as I did he didn't cum again. But he was very satisfied we both fell asleep.
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willyemmosher · 56-60, M
I busted a nut almost 2 what a good woman
Teeny · 18-21, T
This is neat and I applaud you for your bravery! It isn't easy for a complete beginner to post their written works on the internet. I've noticed that your sentences are extremely short. This is no problem by itself, but becomes one when you have no other sentence variation, creating a sort stubby rhythm; disjointed and off tempo. Remember, prose fiction needs to flow like water and cascade like the wind.
In example: Daddy had four beers then suddenly decided he wanted a back rub. I started in my usual way of touching and gently kissing his back, occasionally kissing each other's lips in between. I then nuzzled his neck and kissed behind his ear. It wasn't long before he was climbing the walls in anticipation, pushing my hand down his jeans and into his boxers.
Just my 2 cents btw, you can completely disregard if you think it's incorrect.
Good luck! I can see your talent already.
Moonlightfae · 46-50, F
[@1201465,Teeny] thanks for your input I am just posting my experiences. I don't mind if my writings are not perfect. It's all just for fun to share with others about my life.
Teeny · 18-21, T
[@784862,Moonlightfae] Ah, NP. Seems like you have a very comfortable life!
Moonlightfae · 46-50, F
[@1201465,Teeny] yes I'm very lucky

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