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I Have Had A Swirly
Mildly Adult
when i was in... grade 10? i believe? my ex (J) and i were hanging out, with a mutual friend (B). it was during school, our lunch-break. i was being annoying, as per usual lmao. so i knocked J's lunchbox off the windowsill we were sitting on. knocking it off to the floor, that is. so he put it back up, and he grabbed me by the hair, and dragged me off the windowsill and into the men's bathroom. he yelled at B to guard the door to make sure no one came in, and then gave me a swirly lmao. so anyway that's that
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kanha · 31-35, M
Enjoyed the swirly? Or you opted for a revenge program to revert back his deeds on him
keephauntingme · 18-21, F
[@997259,kanha] we dated for years after lol
kanha · 31-35, M
[@567680,keephauntingme] Ha ha now you are spilling the beans loud.. lovely
keephauntingme · 18-21, F
[@997259,kanha] lmfao what
keephauntingme · 18-21, F
[@1031073,Julianking] they dunk ur head in a toilet and flush it
Julianking · M
[@567680,keephauntingme] ah ok.

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I Have Had A Swirly
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