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I Absolutely Loathe When Parents Demand To Know Everything

Really? Really, Stepdad? Really?... Me: I'm going out tomorrow morning at seven.

Stepdad: Where at?

Me: At the college. My friend and I want to memorize where everything is so we won't get lost on the first day of school.

Stepdad: Oh... *Long pause* What friend?

Me: *A bit taken aback, wondering why the friend I happened to be going with (Nora) is so important* Just a friend.

Stepdad: What friend?

Me: *Getting annoyed* MY friend. *Hoping he will leave it alone, realize who I'm going with isn't all that important and that he knows the important stuff like the the where and why I'm going there*

Stepdad: WHICH friend?

Me: *Finally snapping, but trying to sound casual* Okay, I only hang out with two friends for the most part and you know them both. And I'm sure you know it has to be one of the two of them. Is knowing which friend of the both of them I'm going with THAT darn important?

Stepdad: *Looks at me suspiciously* Who the heck are you going out with?

Me: *Ignores his question* I'll be home around two in the afternoon. *Turns around and starts walking away, heading for my room*

Stepdad: *Raising his voice* HEY! Who are you going with?!

Me: *Raising my voice too as I lie* Samantha, GOD!!!!

Do I have a friend named Samantha? I do not. Why did I say Samantha when it was Nora I was going with? That's what I do when people push me for information I'm not willing to give out. Is it because I'm doing something wrong? No, not at all. Sometimes I just prefer to keep things to myself. My parents don't have to know everything. He knew where I was going, why I was going, what time I was leaving and what time I was going to be coming back. That's a lot more information than I usually give out, trust me. But it just wasn't enough for him. He kept pushing for more and me, usually not willing to give out more information about my whereabouts than absolutely necessary, got my buttons pushed. He wanted an unnecessary answer that bad, he got an unnecessary lie. Did he believe me? I'm pretty sure he didn't. But he probably learned by now that as long as he has the main and important details as to where I'm going and what I'm doing, he shouldn't push for more information. This is what I call giving the man an inch and him taking a foot.
deadmoon · 31-35, F
EmilineSorine: He knew all the important things. Is knowing which friend of you and Nora I'm going with really that important? And besides, I've told him you were going into ROP and that Nora was the one going to college with me lots of times before. He should've known it was more likely Nora. I get sick of having to repeat myself to him constantly.

Turbulence: Well, I did mention it would have to be one of the two I hang out with the most. That would be Spencer and Nora. And he knows it. And they are both girls so no worries there. I just thought his persisting was extremely unnecessary. Especially when he knew the most important facts, which friend I'm with shouldn't have been too important. Names were completely unnecessary.
well everyone is different lol my parents ask me questions all the time and i dont mind telling them the info of: who, when, where, and why... but thats just me. its not like we have anything to hide.... but in the case with you and your step dad it did seem like you were hiding something simply only because you didnt want to answer a simple question. which im sure led him jumping to conclusions
Yeah, lol, I meant to include something like this. Acting like you're hiding something, then purposely hiding something, only makes things harder. Especially when "just a friend" is said after "my friend"
I suppose at 18 you don't have to tell him anything, but he's probably just wondering if it's a guy, and how much he should worry.
Persistantly insisting on knowing exactly who would be annoying though. Saying 'a friend' should be enough, wanting to know which friend is really a small extra detail. I know you don't like them knowing much though..
but your stepdad was just asking a question....

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I Absolutely Loathe When Parents Demand To Know Everything
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