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I Want to Have a Boudoir Portrait Taken
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A Popular Revolt!

It's true that to many it seems that feminist rhetoric has become as oppressive as what I once stood to oppose. It has become dictatorial and some say even fascist! I'm not sure myself since my understanding of the movement is sparse and incomplete. I do get how people feel movements go off in an unforeseen tangent in the face of opposers, and perhaps that is the sense of it.

Some women in a strange defiance maybe of this existential complexity choose to pose for a boudoir style photograph to capture themselves in the perception of stimulus of the male psyche and libido, perhaps, in that feminine splendour that men have long enjoyed, what the butler saw, that Viennese odd of erotic art from the late nineteenth century. It is often received by them as a secret thing, a personal sensual thing.

The merit of desiring such a thing is an individual thing to decide, and having posed for one might be a thing to keep a secret or use in the boudoir-bedroom to spark a little extra into your sexlife, and add that something of nothing which gives the courtesan air to the bedroom, even. My reasons would include a desire to capture myself in a style I might never again be seen!
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CountScrofula · 36-40, M
Feminism is not a monolithic thing but as rent by infighting, factionalism, and very very different ideas about what feminism means as any other political movement. I broadly and enthusiastically agree with much of it, and find aspects of it awful and partially responsible for driving people to actual fascism.

Most women I know who have done boudoir photos aren't doing so for the male gaze but rather for their own. They want to feel beautiful and sexy. All sorts of very complicated and contradictory reasons why behind that, but on the face of it, it's fairly simple.

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I Want to Have a Boudoir Portrait Taken
A Boudoir portrait is a sensual portraits are sensuous photos of regular women. Age (legal), size, height don’t matter. The purpose is to make women feel and look sexy and beautiful.
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