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I'm Going To Be Me Unapologetically

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My parents taught my brothers and I to be unapologetically yourselves. We can't make everyone happy. My dad told us no matter what we do, there will be someone that will judge you for who you are even if you're being real. He said keep being ourselves.
My late mom said, "I rather be unapologetically myself and piss off people than be fake to please everyone."
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May 6, 2019
rckt148 · 56-60, M
There are pro's and con's to that
especially if your over confident and arrogant

I have had men of power tell me after I got older
they would have backed me and seen I was very successful
(not that I didn't do well on my own )
But they seen how arrogant and overconfident I was and figured ,"give this boy a little power ,he could be dangerous"
I could have had things a whole lot easier ,and not worn my body out ,,had I just paid more attention to who was watching

I have had very good references ,that made people ask
"How do you know him ? how do you know her ?
They were willing to give me references knowing one day I would grow up and be an asset to someone ,
But also not willing to give me the backing and support that could have jumped me to the top ,instead of having to claw my way there the hard way ,,the right people endorsing you can open doors ,,or they can close them for you too
Moral to the story
A little wisdom and tact goes a long way
You don't always have to show your ace in the hole
for someone to see you have a winning hand

I lived life my way ,,but its cost me a lot and a lot of people I loved
had I only known then what I know now
My brain was my best tool ,and my mouth, my worst enemy
especially when I was drinking
Specialyouare · 26-30, F
That is great advice!

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I'm Going To Be Me Unapologetically
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