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I Have A Pet Peeve

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I hate when people post joke questions or statements that appear to be legitimate and real...
Don't get me wrong I have a great sense of humor, and I can even take a joke like anyone else. I have even replied to posts with humor of my own. But if a question or statement is just a joke then post it with subtle hints that you're not wanting to be taken seriously, or better yet write it in a way that is unmistakably obvious you're are not serious. I am a person who puts his thoughts, heart, and soul into his responses to legitimate questions and statements (regardless of how long or short they are)'s just who I am and there are likely others like me too. I'm all for having fun and being playful, not being too serious all of the time, but when I am sharing parts of myself with someone I am serious and sincere. It irritates me to no end and is even sometimes a bit painful when I answer what I think is a legitimate question only to be laughed at, criticized, or thought of as ignorant/stupid all because it was only a joke and I gave a sincere well thought out answer. To me that is juvenile and not at all funny (though I know some people get a big kick out of it). I'm not saying to stop it, I'm just saying fix it.
51-55, M
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Sep 17, 2018
On Quora, you can report those questions and they will be removed.
Peaches · F
I know a few people that do that, 🙄I don't care for it either for the same reasons as you've stated. I sometimes think it's a form of attention seeking.
fishylasagne · 18-21, F
I agree 🙄 and some people are too stupid to realize that they're being one too.
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I Have A Pet Peeve
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I hate when people post joke questions or statemen... | I Have A Pet Peeve | Similar Worlds