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I Need To Vent In Order To Move On

When you're at an age where people usually have a place of their own and a job and a serious relationship I am in a shithole country. If Trump had one thing right is that some countries are real shitholes. They give you nothing, no opportunities, no anything. Want a part time job ? We don't offer those. You can get a full time job but the salary won't help you cover your bills. And even getting a shitty full time job is not easy. It's about who you know ? It doesn't matter what degrees you have. It's about who you know and what they think of your face. But what upsets me is that I'm unable to get out and have a family that makes things worse. I get yelled at for putting a book on the table. I get yelled at for every little minor thing. I fucking hate my father. I never ask him for anything and I live on the minimum. I never eat till I'm full. I never sleep feeling warm enough. I never buy clothes. I never do anything. I hold on tight to whatever little money I managed to save from menial jobs hoping it'll save me one day and help me out of my shithole of a house and shithole of a country. Spend some of it on transportation and books but try to keep things to a minimum. Why would you make things worse ? Isn't family supposed to be there to help you and tell you you can do things. My father always told me I should do more, that I'm not enough, not enough, not enough and now he's calling me all sorts of names and will probably threaten to kick me out in a few months, because that happened before. No. Matter how hard you work in school, no matter the effort you make. He doesn't congratulate you on graduating and getting the highest GPA. He tells you you're a failure, shouts at you over every little thing, and then begins to tell you about his friends'children and how they bought cars and houses for their children. He tells you you're not worth anything and that you should be living on the street. It's not thay those my age are doing better, financially, but he doesn't see that. He makes life even more stressful than it is.
Carazaa · F
Don't do things for your parents do it for God. Ask God what he wants you to do in life, then do it. Maybe it is to move? What country do you live in?
Adaydreambeliever · 56-60, FVIP
Sounds like your dad is the shitty one :(

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I Need To Vent In Order To Move On
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