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My chemistry teacher marked my answer wrong for spelling the element represented by S as "sulphur" over "sulfur."

Is this fair?IT IS NOT FAIR.Just because I learned its British/Australian spelling, it doesn't make it *wrong* -.- AND I GOT THE FRICKEN BASIC IDEA RIGHT. I KNOW WHAT "S" IS. ISN'T THAT THE DAMN POINT OF THESE ELEMENT QUIZZES?
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I went through a British spelling phase as a kid after reading the Narnia series and used to get counted wrong in class.
I thought it was spelled "sulphur" until Spellchecker kept underlining it too. I think you might try to gently persuade your teacher and see if she'll give you credit for that since you probably read a lot of stuff that's written in the British/Australian spelling.
how is different spellings saying that the US is better and special?
TetrisGuy · 22-25, M
No, I'm saying in general that US tries to be different than everyone else and flaunt it's "superiority" over other countries. Different voltage ratings. Uses a decimal instead of a comma. Uses Imperial instead of metric. Whole bunch of dialects. The US thinks it's so special, when it's nothing but a retarded grease trap...
There's a reason for everything and it nothing to do with superiority.
I once got docked two whole points for spelling New Jersey with a small "j". I am still upset over that. I would have gotten a perfect score too. I got it right.
You should start a strike. :P
Don't fight the power or you can print out both spellings and approach them with that. Ask them nicely that you think that you spelling is correct and if they would look at your print outs and maybe change your score?
TetrisGuy · 22-25, M
I'm sorry, I thought you were an intelligent individual that could understand that science isn't about which spelling variation is correct or not, and is about whether or not you understand the material and are effectively able to convey your message to other individuals. Clearly I was highly mistaken, and it seems that you're someone that has no appreciation of the Socratic method and the philosophy of science, and thinks that science is simply another subject that's meant to be taught pedantically through this wretched Common Core procedure that destroys its true meaning.
I have forgotten more than you will every know. Stop with the sophmoric BS and grow a pair. LOL, writing a retort and using dollar words makes me feel real smart. I didn't have to dig thru my notes and pull pendantic, Socratic and philosophy out of my lower colon. You just posted to get people to agree with your childish rant because someone took a point away from you. How does it feel to so superior to someone, yet not have the common sense to get an educator that may have changed their mind. in your favor? college brains and kindergarten needs.
Ai, que nino tan maloso.
TetrisGuy · 22-25, M
At least I don't have to fake my intelligence, or prove my intelligence to others.
I find it ironic that you've spoken against the use of "dollar words" only to use the word "sophmoric" (and not even spelling it correctly--sophomoric). You're nothing but typical layman scum of who I have no tolerance for.
clearly you knew the pronunciation if you didn't know it's spelling for other countries. so it's clear you knew exactly what you were talking about. i think that's total bull crap. Teachers like that Pis me off. i think your in for a rough year with a very picky teacher. did you confront her about it, calmly and politely. maybe she will change it if you explain.
TetrisGuy · 22-25, M
I wish I could block people IRL. Many times I feel that my IQ drops by having to put up with the stupidity I have to tolerate in school :S Why do you think I come and spam intellectual stuff on EP? If I don't, my brain will atrophy, and I can't get the necessary mental stimulation needed IRL...
you would die if you met my brother in law. i kid you not he is the dumbest person i know with no actual mental issue for the reason. poor dumb bastard.
TetrisGuy · 22-25, M
Ask the teacher to reconsider their decision. If needed, involve the Principal (he's your pal).
TetrisGuy · 22-25, M
I wrote this to the teacher on Edmodo. Clearly, you're not a scholarly individual, and your sarcasm is greatly unappreciated. I should not be losing points where I was technically correct.

Mrs. Ferguson, I still think I should not have lost a point on the quiz for spelling it "sulphur." I learned much of my Periodic Table when I was in 4th grade and schooled in Australia--particularly familiarizing myself with sulfur/sulphur due to visiting various peculiar-smelling parks there. Taking off a point for spelling it "sulphur" would be like taking off a point for spelling it "flavour" instead of "flavor." While "sulfur" is more standardized, many foreign schools--particularly in British and Australian schools--use "sulphur" over "sulfur." Because I use both interchangeably, and since both are acceptable spellings, I wasn't sure which one I had to put down. And I don't think it's fair that I'd have to study *your* list of spellings when I already know most of them by heart (since 7th grade), simply because you've used primarily American texts and are unfamiliar with alternate spellings. As a student that respects the power of proof and reason, if I feel as if I have been unfairly marked down, I shall challenge the decision. One point may not be much, but this could very well rack up over the quarter, and I do not appreciate being unfairly marked down for a purely dialectical reasons. This is a chemistry class, not an English class, for one--and even in an English class, a teacher would not ethically mark off if a student used an alternate spelling of the word. This has been bugging me the entire day, as "sulphur" is a true alternate spelling of "sulfur."

From Wikipedia's List of American and British Spelling Differences:

Sulfur is the preferred spelling by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) and by the UK's Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC).[173] Sulphur is used by British and Irish scientists, and it is actively taught in British and Irish schools. It prevails in Canada and Australia, and it is also found in some American place names (e.g. Sulphur, Louisiana and White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia). American English usage guides suggest sulfur for technical usage, and both sulfur and sulphur in common usage and in literature.[174][175] The variation between f and ph spellings is also found in the word's ultimate source: Latin sulfur, sulphur.[176]

A true scientist would not mark off points over a dialectal difference--especially when it comes to spelling. I clearly knew what element was in question, and I spelled it using one of the two dialectal variations around the world. If you went to an Australian or a British school, using your method of logic, you'd have gotten marked off for spelling it "sulfur" instead of "sulphur." I do think that, from a scientific perspective, if I'm able to logically argue my choice of terminology or spelling, I should not be marked off for it. It isn't simply about this one point I'm trying to earn back. It's about future points that I may lose for similar reasons. When it comes to the elements, the only dialectal difference I know about is sulfur/sulphur, so I do not refer to this in terms of element quizzes specifically. I'm talking about in general. And just to let you know, if I feel as if I was unfairly marked off, I will always use logic to justify my answer. And here, I feel as if the Sulphur/Sulfur spelling differences is not a good enough reason for you to have marked off on my test.

I just thought I'd let you know that.
Thank you for understanding.
Teacher was WRONG.
That sucks. If it was a spelling class I could see it...

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