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Would you remain with someone if you discovered that they couldn't bear children?

If they had a criminal record? If they had a lot of debt? If they had a terminal disease? Explain. Thank you :)
yes i would. even if it's negative, that still makes them individual.
Yes, no, as long as they didn't expect me to pay it, yes. I don't want nor like children, I don't tend to respect anyone who got caught (:P), I'm not paying debt I don't own and I would stick by someone I loved if they got ill.
yeah. if a woman can't have kids, then we'll adopt one. as for the others...well its best to be safe than loyally sorry
Yes, so many kids without parents in this world.
If they're reformed and willing to stay away from the "thug life", then yes for the next two.
If I love that person truly then I won't even for a second question it and stay together till we are...
If someone actually managed to get to my heart, and I fell in love with them.. Well, I wouldn't leave them unless they cheated on me, abused me etc etc.

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