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Should the death penalty be allowed?
Why/Why not?‎ Explain. :)
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No in case they get it wrong
Yes. Because that's the best way to make sure the criminal never commits another crime again.
I'm firmly against it...

...but if it has to exist...

a rule must be put in place that in case of erronous execution of an innocent, the judge, prosecutor and executioner are executed without further process....

...that ought to make sure noone will make that mistake
Yeah! Some crimes aren't worth keeping certain ppl alive for the rest of their lives, without having to pay a dime for them to live in prison
Tricky one...some would argue that its killing and that is wrong and usually what the person did; so its not teaching a lesson.
The other point is that the death penalty is there already and others still kill so its not an effective deterrent.
It's my view however that anyone who would normally get "life" as in to mean life, should be put to death. Why keep them at cost to ourselves?
But legal or not for the sexual predators out there I'd gladly send them on their merry way to oblivion.
Yes, for terrible humans who have murdered individual(s), raped a child(ren), reaped a male or female, or even helped commit those crimes. Many are have left with emotional trauma, and some never recover from these people's crimes.
Yes, all convicted murders, rapists, molesters etc.
I'm iffy about this one. I'm always stuck between an eye-for-an-eye way of thinking and the act of giving second chances. But to be honest, I believe that for a society who views killing as a moral wrong, then killing off those who commit violent/gruesome acts such as murder or rape would be highly hypocritical.

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