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Do violent video games contribute to youth violence?‎
Why ? Explain. :)
NO! Dont say that again or i will beat you up like he did in Grand Theft Auto 5!
No. They give them chances to act out their violent impulses instead of beating the shit out of someone. In places where violent videos games are heavily consumed youth violence has fallen dramatically. ( )
and as an icing on the cake here is some more data that also proves violent games dont cause violent behavior.
I guess so.
It depends on the youth in question.
Human beings are pure hypocrites...Say we shouldn't kill and then Go on to do so by the hundreds in video games.
I never understood the point of the death penalty. "You murdered someone, that's wrong. To prove how wrong it is, we're going to murder you." I dislike saying this but, if it keeps people from hurting real people, what's the harm in senseless video game violence? I mean apart from getting called a camping fag and your door kicked in by swat teams.
Yes but it doesn't really matter much. Even in those games the characters themselves mention that the risks greatly outweigh the rewards. No ones beaten GTAV without dying or getting shot once, and that alone should warn individuals that "this would be impossible IRL". If anything, it allows you vent lol
no, multiple experiments into it and years of research support that video games dont contribute to violence in children. also the simple fact that i played violent video games since i was young (about 5-6) and i hate even accidentally hurting people.
Reminds me of an episode of Law and Order. People make their own choices. While I find the kind of violence on games likes Grand Theft Auto distasteful, that and other games I have played have never caused me to become violent.
depends on the game. as a gamers myself, i am kind and sweet in my youth.
Possible but it depends on the self control of a person. People I know enjoy watching all types of violence as entertainment but wouldn't hurt anyone intentionally. I say drugs and alcohol are big motivators of violence than games
I don't know but no one in my family does that or people I've known. Idk why people would waste money on games like that.
in my personal opinion, it all comes down to lack of responsibility. parents buy these games for kids who have no business playing them. some of those kids may very well be mentally unstable to begin with. stores that sell games don't always enforce the content rating system. it doesn't take a genius to realize to don't give Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto to an eight year old who's mother keeps a loaded gun in her bedroom. there's another aren't responsibility issue right there. if you have kids, then keep your firearms where they can't get to them. put them in a safe and memorize the combination instead of writing it down. far too many parents with guns fail to lock them away and these things happen. maybe if they were taught the dangers and responsibilities of guns and weapons at an early age we wouldn't have this problem so much.

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