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What do u do when u feel lost
Everything's happening at once. I don't know what to do.
18-21, F
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I meditate and separate myself from this complicated world
I meditate, and that seems to slows things down for me.
Byeluv · 18-21, F
I don't really have the patience for meditation. My minds all over the place and I can't even sit still for 5 seconds
The key point of meditation is to let your thoughts flow freely. it's a good way to let out any negative thoughts without dwelling on any one in particular. A lot of people say to relinquish thought from your mind, but resisting what's natural to you is the exact opposite of what you're trying to achieve with meditation, and more than anything you're just retaining the negative concern. It's easier if there aren't distractions around or if you have some sort of ambient background noise to kind of help ease you into a trance-like state. It also helps to have something to focus on, like zone out on a candle flame or a particular picture that you find relaxing. It takes practice, though, just like any skill.
Don't do nothing I get brain dead
Sit down..Take a deep breath..and try to relax.
Then You have to start thinking.
Your beautiful mind was given to You for a reason.
You have to start planning out Your life.You have to keep repeating and reassuring Yourself of where You are going.
Just take an initial direction

Like wolverine says when he is sitting on the plane and asked,"Where do You want to go?"
He says* Up will do.
So you can get a preliminary direction in life.

Then You have to decide what You actually want from life.
How do You want it to be.
Your pros and Your con's.
Change Your plan as time goes along.
Start reflecting...growing as a person.

You HAVE to start living if You want a good life.
Its as simple as that.
Byeluv · 18-21, F
What if i don't want a life. I don't know where I'm going, but I know it's not good.
You want a life.
That is our assumption.
Deep down,All that a person really wants is a good,happy life free of pain.

Even in this question,You are seeking a way to improve your life.

You can decide where You are going.

Time to take The plane off autopilot.
sleep. all day :) sit on the terrace in the evening or at night.:) or sing at late night.:)
hold yourself together...:/
Byeluv · 18-21, F
My parents wont let me sleep during the day
dear now i think you just decide a future day like "3 months" from now...(depending on the issues that are troubling you)
and have strong faith that things will be alright by that day. write the day on your wall ...or write "120" on the wall ..then every day make it a less by 119 ..118..117.. till 2..1..0.:) and by 0 ......things will work out by itself. but have faith.
it worked for me.:) hope it works for you too.:)
I do my bestto stay sober and take one hit at a time
i listen to music

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