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Why am I so addicted to this song? I've been replaying it for almost an hour now.
It's "Heavensward" by Falconshield, and it's a tribute to the Final Fantasy games. I don't even like Final Fantasy...
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Because manufacturers of those songs designed it to have that compulsive affect, so that you will spend money to buy it. That is precisely why I don't listen to music with lyrics at all. I don't want my mind filled with clutter.
cause you like it... I do that if I like a song too :)
I just listened to that for interest sake because I have played and loved many Final Fantasy games. I must admit that it is a good song. The lyrics are pretty cool and it has a good combination of Angelic and Demonic sounding voices like some Symphonic Metal bands.

I find that a lot of the music from the FF games is quite emotional in different ways and I think one of the reasons is that they pay particular attention to music that touches the soul if you are willing to listen properly. The amount of work and thought put into those games is amazing.

The song that you mentioned above seems to contain something which is called the Tritone or "Diabolus in Musica" which has the ability to speak to the primal core of us Human beings. It also contains some words in Latin which due to their general sound add power to the song.

I have posted some classical songs in a few stories in my profile here which contain the tritone and leave me quite impressed because of it. Here is a link to one of them if you desire to listen to it.
themanoflegends · 31-35, M
The song isn't made by the game company, but a YouTube band called Falconshield. They mostly do League of Legends inspired songs, but sometimes they make songs for other games too.
Yes I realize the song isn't made by the game company. It goes to show that they offer a quality service by getting people who know what they are doing to do things that they cannot do. Things like this song.

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