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"If nothing that we do matters, then all that matters is what we do." Opinions?

EDIT: Now that the answers stopped rolling in, I think a little observation is in order. And in all honesty, I must admit I am shocked and amazed at the number of people who focused all of their attention to the first half of the statement, and failed to notice that the true emphasis was placed on the other half. Another thing that was equally shocking and surprising was the number of people who overlooked the initial "if", and interpreted the statement as if it stared with a "because".
In essence, all of you who said that it did matter (even though you missed the point) were right - it does matter. But the true meaning of the statement is also true - "all that matters is what we do", i.e. doing good needs no meaning other than doing good itself. Thank you for your time.
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Everything that we do matters.
not true
what we do matters to us and others-even if we do not realize it
themanoflegends · 31-35, M
No matter what we do, it doesn't matter (the big picture never changes), so all that matters is what we do (because it comes down to us to live up to our human potential, to do the right thing, because even if it doesn't matter, it's something we're devoted to, i.e. - it matters.
no-that is not something i agree with-and it's not what i said
whomever sated that quote didn't know any better
what we do matters even in the big picture
Matters to whom?
well, in terms of the statement you've proposed, the former claim negates the latter
im gonna murder myself soon doesnt matter at all
to live is to do
Ignorantly accepting our ignorance is how we really come to know anything matters.

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