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about my cousins

i forgive you all in fact i dont want to think about you anymore at al im just gona vent.
also i know one of you hacks me and goes tell the others about the things i write online
guess what i dont give a fuck.
i was always the little black sheep of the family along with my sad sister. you made sure to makes us feel like we didnt belong.
and this is how it all started.
you were all older older enough to know what you were doing.
not saying you had any bad intention but perhaps should have handled the situatio diferently.
Ever since i was a toddler i remember pkaying wirh you. some of the best memeories of my entire life for sure.
you were like my siblings, my friends. you meant so much to me you will never know. we always interacted even when.i was a baby however my first memories of actually playing with you go back to me being three years old and finish when i was 5. time when you never played with me again. NEVER.
you were always nice ans friendly and very caring and good to me and i know you also liked to play with me.
but one day i decided to bring up the fact that we had sexual plays. not knowing it was a bad thing because i actually liked it. but i knew in my heart that would be the end of our relationship and it was. you all got upset mad fearful really really angry. it all changed in a blink of an eye and i saw something i had never seen before nor did i know it existed.
i saw evil in you.
cousin L you almost beated the shit out of me in your lividity. like if you were doing something so bad that you could kill me to keep it a secret.
cousin x you too, maybe because of your incredibly tight deep bond with cousin L. cousin c a mediator for sure. you were and still are my favourite of all cousins because you certainly have a gokd heart. and were there for me through all my life in some of the moments i most needed. i truly iwe you for that. however you too always took their side no matter how much you tried to hide it your loyalty always belong to them.
as for the following years of you totaly denying my existence, in a very despisable way, let me add, you acted like lions surrounded a pray everytime i had to meet you. and you have done the exact same thing to my poor innocent sister 🤷🏼‍♂️ for as long as i can remember. until now, even though now is a bit diferent. you would still do it if you could. but i do forgive you, in fact its better this way. becauss i really dont want to hav to look at your hideous faces again. and i do wish you a happy life, away from me.
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boring post

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