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My mom makes more money than I do. My dad planned it that way.

She makes more than I because my dad planned for her. She is not rich. Compared to others, but she will forever have what she needs. I am not rich but I make enough to pay my bills with enough left over since we are all rather frugal or plan well. (Don’t spend money if you don’t have money).

To me,my mom she is a sweet lady. And before dad died she took care of him at home and never had to put him in a nursing home. She loved caring for him. In my eyes he resilience is what makes her strong. She was an awesome wife and mother.

Now that she mostly spends night with my sister, She sister argue about money. Neither of them will ever have to go on welfare so It’s kind of funny but SAD, I feel SAD that instead of treating each other in a special giving way, they bicker...On Ocasio’s to settle an argument I will say, “I’ll pay” and they both shout out “no! That’s not the point” and they keep arguing. But seriously, anything to just settle the matter!!!!

My frugal mom wanted to change insurance companies so yes, we looked up geico. It would save her money. She is 86 years old and can’t zelle.

So, to help save my mom money, and make things simple, I paid for her insurance on my account last month just to get the ball rolling. You know what? The amount is very little compared to everything she has ever done for me. So yeah, I’m thinking of paying it for life. I figure if ever I can’t afford it, I can bring it up to her then. But you know, i think for now I want to do something tiny just for her. Lol. but if I were to ask her for permission she would not let me pay it. But so far she has forgotten to pay me for her phone bill, so , I might get away with it after all. It’s not like she can just use the internet to make changes with geico online! .

So, here’s to you mom. I’m calling the company and asking them to never send you the bill. Paperless billing! Ha

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