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I Need Help

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i need help 馃槶
okay first of all i have a crush on my online friend i've never saw him but to be honest i don't care about his look , lately i start to feel like he likes me and he told me that he love me a couple time this week but he's saying he's kidding even though me and my friends don't feel like that . 'i like him sooooo much and i think im in love with him but i'll never gonna tell him that cuz i don't wanna lose him but i'm afraid another girl take him .
and he just tell me about his old friend ( she is a girl ) he doesn't remember her name , and i actually get jealous .
what shuld i do 馃槶馃槶
18-21, F
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Dec 1, 2016
SW User
tell him how you feel, it's the only thing you should do
Tukie1518-21, F
but what if i lose him , i like him so badly , when i talk to him i be that friend that has no interest in him but in real life i love him
SW User
@Tukie15: You'll lose him if you don't tell him!
wickey61-69, M
How on earth can you trust someone you have not even seen, when times are, you cannot even trust someone close to you. Beware.
Goralski46-50, M
Is it Nagalord? ?
Tukie1518-21, F
who ?
If he is a real friend you wont lose him, even if he does not feel the way you do. You have around 70 years on this planet, dont waste them.

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I Need Help
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i need help 馃槶 okay first of all i have a crush on... | I Need Help | Similar Worlds