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I Know What a Broken Heart Feels Like

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Tug of War

You say I am too much, yet I am not enough.
That you love me and I'm important to you
When your actions have shown the direct opposite.
My love was too intense and the frequency of time
was more than you could handle. Yet....
When I had asked for more time, because once a week
seemed like too little in my mind, you happily obliged.
And then you pushed me away for a romance that does not exist.
Where no prospects even whisper to take root and flourish.
And now you say you miss me, that you want to say you love me
and you want to hug me and you enjoy spending time with me.
You refrain because you question my emotional state.
But Is it any wonder why---when the game of too much and too little
has me in a never ending mental state riddled with uncertainty?
And an emotional state that is spiraling because the newest revelations
from your words has left me bleeding as if cut by razor blades.
I am left sobbing as the devastation re-writes our history
shrouding all of the memories in darkness, painted over as lies.
Where once you made me utterly happy and I fought so hard for us...
Now the happiness you bring is followed closely by the pain
from realizing that after everything we have been through,
you let me believe we had an amazing and healthy relationship
that you could have easily done without.
And here I sit, a hollow shell, shattered into a thousand tiny pieces.
26-30, F
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Apr 15, 2019
It is with sadness I read your heartbreak. 馃槬

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I Know What a Broken Heart Feels Like
and nothing is worse than witnessing violence against your loved one
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