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I Think There's No Love

I think there's no love in the world. That this life has become a cruel and horrible place.
People have more than they ever have had and being here on the earth means we are still not satisfied.
Years ago only very few would become rich and incredibly successful.
But now we see talentless nobodies become an elite...
We see the type of lives these people live too.

Why are we here?

Our existence is a trap. We sell our souls daily to this mindless screen, where we tell it what to do, yet we allow it to dictate our lives.

All these global warming protests have a place in the world... But even they are hungry fir the fame.

I walk around with no malice in my heart but all I'm faced with is people attacking me and taking what they feel they have a right to take...

When i talk like this i know people think I'm crazy...

But this behaviour we display is not normal.

I mean even here a site made for people to connect because we are the misfits of society. Yet the only times you see solidarity is when someone posts xxx content or we're outing a fake account.

That's sad.
lasergraph · 70-79, M
Technology has brought us some marvelous things, but it has also changed the way we socially interact. $0 years ago if you wanted to visit with someone, you went to where they were. We were outside more and we interacted with REAL people. Social media has given us thousands of people to interact with but not in the same real way we did we the people we knew in real life. Social media has actually created less interaction rather than more.
Peppa · 26-30, F
[@1319,lasergraph] its scary, and I worry even for my own life.
If you look at the responses given to us here now, all different walks of life and age. Very different ways of receiving and responding to me.

People say to me, don't look back. I'm living too much in the past but I can't help it, i lived through a glorious era, but that glory paved the way for this mess.
Consumerism took over life...
SW User
most are distracted idolising the lifestyles of the elite to notice their nature has changed.. not many can see the holes
SW User
You must not have kids.
Peppa · 26-30, F
[@31027,Number34] what have kids got to do with it?
SW User
[@305137,Peppa] If you had children, you would know there is love in the world.
Peppa · 26-30, F
[@31027,Number34] children are innocent and know no better. We shouldn't be relying on children to dictate love in the world, as adults it is our responsibility to continue to care for our world our planet and mankind.

I watch many health professionals and they do their job because they will always have a job. Not because they care. That is scary.
And although it may be a good thing in times of tough decisions. It means they're always calculating.
Humans beat humanity out of each other.
I watched a woman tear a dentist apart this weekend, because she wasn't getting her way. She didn't understand despite being explained to several times but she's not well so she sees everything and everyone as bad. I even tried to show her a kindness asking if she was waiting to leave "she yelled at me that she's waiting to get the hell out of here!" so I went on to open the door for her which required you to press and hold the automatic button, i told her to wait but instead she walked into it opening, causing it to push her backwards, she snapped and called me a "stupid woman" sooo I walked off...
Funny thing was she didn't leave she walked back in ranting and raving and sat down.
She's lonely...

Im guilty of misunderstanding people m myself but don't respond like her.

So yes children may remind us of innocence and how to be young and frivolous but with our age, wisdom and experience we should fight to be more loving because we know better.
But people don't.
Because we now are aware of this thing called self and ego!

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I Think There's No Love
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