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Have you ever been injured before?
1. When I was 8 or 9, I was trying to stand on one foot on the arm of a couch at home, and fell off and landed on my head 馃樀.
2. When I was 23 (2012), I fell off of a bike and had to get [b]5 stitches[/b] in my chin 馃槚.
31-35, M
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May 22, 2020
Edited: 1 week ago
Yeah mostly just minor scratches and a sprain
Xipooh26-30, M
1. 15 when I cracked my collar bone because someone elbow dropped me.

2. 20ish got into a fight with 4 people

3. 25 I went to throw a wide hook at a punching bag and missed so I fractured my thumb on a shelving unit and pushed it into the socket.
MaryJanine61-69, F
When I was eleven, I was riding a bike with my youngest brother on back. This kid from school jumped in front of me and waved his arms. I twisted the bike's wheel away from him and both of us crashed into a tree. I couldn't stand to get back up on the seat and walked it home. I was in pain and couldn't stay out of the bathroom. Finally, my parents took me to the hospital. I had a blood blister from the accident which required surgery.
Many times than I care to remember. I鈥檝e spent a [b][u]lot[/u][/b] of time in the local emergency room.

Some of the highlights鈥

- When I was 15, I had my fingers closed in a metal fire door at school - then they shut the door tightly until it locked.
- About 18 years ago I stepped off a ladder into a hole sideways. A muscle was ripped from the bone, taking part of the bone with it (sounded like a gunshot when it happened).
- Last year I ran a boning knife into the back of my hand (the only thing that stopped it from going all the way through was the bone). It was in my back pocket (blade up). I bent over to check out a plant in my garden. When I stood upright, I brought my hand down on the knife fast and hard.
Dan43931-35, M
[@20413,shuhak] Eeee...馃槱
Lol you silly billy!

Yep I broke my left arm in primary school trying to be an airplane on a bench near a brick wall.

I鈥檒l leave it there .. lol 馃コ
Dan43931-35, M
[@971552,MonAmours] Lol

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