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I Almost Died

So its halloween right. Im bored with like, 4 other friends. We see a group of 20 kids going down the street and some grown folk.Me and my boys know some of them so we merge with the group. We are walking down the street looking like a dang marching band, we are so deep. We walk 40 mins to a party. Soon after the party start, someone stopped the record and says "Ok. Someone brought a gun in the party. We gonna let it slide, just no crazy business." Im like "Wow they really kept the party going" so im dancing. Record stops again "OK SOMEONE JUST TOOK MY PHONE. ANYTHING ELSE HAPPENS THE PARTIES DONE." i keep dancing. Music stops again. "OK YALL ARE TAKING STUFF OUT MY POCKETBOOK NOW? Everyone GET OUTTTT!!!!"
Then as we flood the street and everyones leaving, a bottle almost hits one of my dudes in the head. Everybody got turnt ready to fight, then a dude comes running outta nowhere swinging at this other dude. Im like WORLDSTAR getting all close and my friend says "YO BACK UP THEY BOUTTA START SHOOTING" i backed up a tiny bit, and the dude right infront of me takes out a gun and blows it. All u see is smoke and a loud pop and everybody running. He missed though, no one got shot. I got confused and ran TOWARDS where the shooter was, but he already scattered. I then walked home with my friend, who was calling me stupid for running towards the shooter. Best halloween ever.
LucyFuhr · 56-60, F
Did you stay they stopped the [b]record[/b]?
Did the party take place in the 80s or is that just how old the host was?

Halloween was over a week ago.
Have you been suffering from PTSD or did it take you this long to make up the story?
TheletterO · 22-25, M
My bad. Music.
TheletterO · 22-25, M
Bro this was halloween 2015
TheletterO · 22-25, M
You're thinking too much. I just wrote this out fast.
Cooper802Forever · 22-25, M
Wells that's Quite a story lol😂

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