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I Almost Died

When I was 19, I got into a fight. Nothing special at first, but it turned out that my opponent was playing dirty tricks. I had my back to the stairs when he pushed me, so I fell down the stairs backwards. I was lucky to catch the rail just in time to slow my fall.

When I hit the floor, I was out for some seconds. My opponent followed me down the stairs and just the moment I came to life again and tried to get up, he started kicking my head several times with his boot.

When he let go, I just lay there for several minutes before getting up. When a friend saw me, he panicked. I didn't know why, but I must have looked weird with a swollen forehead. One of my friends called an ambulance and I was driven to the hospital.

The next time I woke up, I saw my mom sitting at my bedside looking really scared. The doctor told me, I was out for about 24 hours and they feared I wouldn't make it to the next day. I was lucky I did. My forehead was so much swollen that they kept me in bed for ten days before my surgery.

I had a basal skull fracture, a cheekbone fracture and my sinuses were ruptured. The surgery went fine. They had to stich my wound with seventytwo (72) stitches. I looked like Frankenstein with a bald head and a red glowing scar. I have a picture of it that always reminds me how lucky I was not to die.

After the surgery I had to stay for another ten days in hospital. Thank god, there was no permanent damage done. Until today I still have small titanium plate under the skin of my forehead.
Wow, that was close! He didn’t get charged or anything? You’re very fortunate you’re still alive. Did that incident change your outlook or views on life? Do you think you survived for a purpose? Did you experience anything while asleep for 24 hours? I’m happy you survived. 🤗
Oh mein Gott. Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, wie schlimm die Erinnerungen müssen sein, und die Rückblenden. : (Ich bin froh, dass du besser bist jetzt aber :)
Germandad · 51-55, M
Danke Charlie! Das ist sehr nett von Dir :-)
Sie sind herzlich willkommen :D
That's awful that he was not punished for that. Happy you're okay now.
Germandad · 51-55, M
Thank you so much!
I am glad you survived too
Germandad · 51-55, M
Thank you so much for your kind words. It has been ages since it happened, but sometimes all the memory comes back.

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