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I Always Tell the Truth About How I Feel

[b]Do it right..[/b]

Why have we turned into what we don't think we are? I've seen that people don't accept the reality about themselves but rather just accept the reality they think about themselves.

I'm tired of people judging me even before getting to know me. I'm tired of explaining myself to you who thinks every man is a rapist and a cheater deep down. I'm tired of proving what I'm not rather than what I am. Isn't this the real truth? It's the same here and everywhere else in the world. I'm not blaming you or anyone nor am I frustrated and venting this. I'm just telling the truth about myself.

Yes, I love sex but not with everyone who talks to me. Yes, I love to think about sex but not with your body in it. I've fantasized about sex with my dream girl in a sensual sense rather than a sexual sense. Hope you get it. I've played so much on my sensual playground called my mind ,about every possible fantasy with the girl of my dreams. It's the thought that keeps my mind and body fresh but doesn't make me a pervert. I believe it's natural and I'd say everyone who say sex is a taboo is definitely being a hypocrite. I believe the greatest physical display of my deep emotional love can only be shown in the most blessed form of mutual exchange of the most intimate action called "TOUCH" and everything that follows after that.
Making love is the true form of one's emotions expressed physically. I don't think it can get more divine than that.

I'm simple, honest and patient. That's me summarized. I can't get angry and I can't shout back b'coz I can't hurt your feelings.
No, I'm not handsome or good looking but I have the most beautiful heart.
Yes, everyone has gone through a lot in life and no one is exempted from it but it doesn't give you or anyone the right to judge me and treat me so because you were treated so. I don't think there is a human in this world who hasn't any pain or gone through hardships in life. So , respect everyone. This is what I've learned and no one educated me on this.
Nobody has a happy life and nobody is happy about their life. If you think so , stop fooling yourself. Happiness comes in moments and felt in moments. Keep remembering those happy moments to have a happy day.
I have a beautiful mind and enjoy beautiful conversations that do not start with preconceived notions. That's called an open minded discussion. Not trying to infer everything and derive the cause of every statement said, makes the conversation simple and deep. Take time to have a conversation with me rather than a discussion.

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I Always Tell the Truth About How I Feel
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