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I Have a Sibling

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I have a crush on the same guy as my sister may the best girl win 馃槀
16-17, F
24 replies
Feb 24, 2019
KickYourButt16-17, F
Imao, been there 馃榿
You also like the wind? 馃
VioletRayne31-35, F
[c=#4C0073]this sounds like a bad situation waiting to happen[/c]
Sheslikethewind16-17, F
[@26739,VioletRayne] definitely
justanothername46-50, M
How old is the guy?
Sheslikethewind16-17, F
[@539784,justanothername] 17
justanothername46-50, M
How old are you ?[@468857,Sheslikethewind]
Sheslikethewind16-17, F
[@539784,justanothername] I鈥檓 also 17
ozgirl51222-25, F
This could get interesting lol
mrwhiterabbit41-45, M
the first to kiss him wins?
mrwhiterabbit41-45, M
[@468857,Sheslikethewind] well if she's prettier, you just have to be 'easier' alls fair in love and war
Sheslikethewind16-17, F
[@790671,mrwhiterabbit] it would be pretty easy to be easy with him
mrwhiterabbit41-45, M
[@468857,Sheslikethewind] good luck! just get him alone and you can win
Who saw him first!
Sheslikethewind16-17, F
[@349735,onestarrynight] I don鈥檛 know lol
Whoever he falls for, remember that sister's come first!
Shade7046-50, M
This sounds like high drama ahead. If your parents dont drink, they might be about to start...
VictorieRoch16-17, F
Good luck
[@613144,VictorieRoch] that was so sweet of you to say that 馃槉

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I Have a Sibling
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