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Did I stand up to the bully ?
This girl I work with she's kinda of a bully.. she's like 400lbs, super snappy insecure type.. she started out I noticed making a comment almost every single day about me. Whether it was the clothes I wear, my shoes, wanting to know what size pants I wear, things about my personality like apparently I ask a lot of questions, or "gee you're quiet today", just like constant poking and prodding.. well yesterday she called out our boss "ew you like chocolate?" I asked her if she was the chocolate police she had no response... today she told this older guy "you have really small hands".. finally had enough of it so I causuallly said "gee you like making comments about other people huh? It's like everyday I hear another comment about someone else" her response was.. "no you make a lot of comments about other people" she was real red in the face when she said it.. I just kinda smirked and said "girl, don't turn this around on me.. that definitely isn't true" she got up and left was totally pissed lol... was what I said really that bad? You could tell she was like huffing and puffing the rest of the day.. think she'll reflect on what I said and maybe stop making those prodding comments to people ? Or to me at the very least? Was I wrong to do what I did?
26-30, F
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Jun 14, 2017
Angelwithbrokenwingxo · 22-25, F
You weren't wrong at all. Some people need a serious reality check. Kudos to you for keeping it classy and not tearing her stupid insecure ass to shreds.
melmouthfulls · 46-50, F
Good job
CuTiePi · F
no I don't think so you could have done her a favour....she seems insecure.
iamnikki · 26-30, F
you were definently not wrong. I hate people like that. Sounds very insecure and unhappy with herself. I find that the ones that talk most usually are. Because they don't have anything truly worth saying. So they talk about someones appearance and whatever else.
Alittlebitofsomething · 22-25, F
You were too nice but good job bully's are the worst especially grown ass bullies
SW User
You did the right thing
It was good you spoke up to her. But chances are she won't change.
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