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I know Trump is not the best but why did you vote for someone so senile that he can't string a sentence together?

And he's creepy.
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t3kkno · 61-69, M
I'm not sure anyone but his family voted FOR Biden. Half the people in the US voted AGAINST Trump.
Because he's not Trump
hunkalove · 61-69, M
He will be a terrible president. But a thousand times better than Trump.
JustNik · 46-50, F
Because he won’t gleefully stoke division and unrest.
ArgusFilch · 26-30, M
Ah yes. More intelligence from Trump’s fanbase. Do you all have the same script? Your excuses are old and at this point, due to his poor performance, can’t hold a candle to your opinion, not fact, that Biden is creepy and senile.
Psycho · 22-25, M
[@1166718,argusfiltch22] The funny thing is I am not a Trump supporter. I just find it funny that you guys think your presidents pull the strings and then knowing that vote for a guy who is obviously senile and openly pervy.

I've been watching Joe Biden videos and there's not one where he makes sense from telling a black he's not black because he was considering not voting for Liberal Democrats to saying "Cooome on man" when he was asked if he took a test to see if he was mentally capable of representing your country then instantly tripping over and slurring his words.

Watching children shiver as he creepily runs his hands up and down them and this guy is your answer. 🤮
ArgusFilch · 26-30, M
[@731107,MackTheMisanthrope] I’ll bite, so what is your alternative candidate? You’ve provided no solutions like a typical Republican.
Xipooh · 26-30, M
Tbf it was creepy rude old man or creepy senile old man.
I think a fair number of people voted for Kameltoe and not Sniff, because, "It's time for a woman..."

If it was so important to get a woman into that position, why not Tulsi? Why did they have to choose someone that enjoys lording power and authority over others? Kameltoe is an absolute nightmare that they have yet to realize.
I think there's been enough verbal bashing of both candidates from the public. It's time to regroup and pray for whomever shall hold the office of President, as he will need all the help and prayers he can get. No criticism will help this nation in its time of crisis.

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