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Lesbian Question.
First: I mean no offense with this question. Right. I want to know why some Lesbians purposely have a butch look. Because of this look it becomes apparent that they are lesbian and not feminine. they are still women.Yes?
+ 0 49 replies 56 views Nov 1, 2016 |
silentkillx2 · 22-25, F
Because they like that style. ..
BrokenCode · F
He isnt is bright. I think he thinks women are a hive mind.
hunkalove · 61-69, M
Dude, just vote for Hillary and get it over with!
Haha..good one.
StellasXOF · 36-40
What's the question?
why do they dress like men? or rather butch.
StellasXOF · 36-40
Idk but some of them look sound and act like men.. If you didn't know any better you'd assume they were a man.. 😒

Maybe they just are emotionally male despite their naturally born gender?? Idk
They feel more comfortable with masculine attributes.
@MrsNel: yes, but they want to dress like men?
StellasXOF · 36-40
@Trooper: hmm
Gender is internal...some become transsexuals.
SW User
Of course they're still women. Masculine women are still women.
BrokenCode · F
@Trooper: what is a masculine female?
SW User
@Trooper: why the fuck would they dress and act stereotypically masculine if they didn't feel comfortable being masculine?
@BrokenCode: I don't know..that's why I'm asking
BrokenCode · F
Butch doesn't mean lesbian. Just because some women decide they don't want to conform to a beauty standard doesn't have anything to do with their sexuality.
I thought butch meant lesbian ? More confused..
BrokenCode · F
O.o Not at all.
CaptainCanadia · 36-40, M
I am not a lesbian, or a woman. But I have friends who are butch. The butch look is not an expression of gender, just that this person feels most comfortable with a masculine look. But butch women are still very much women and not men. Being a lesbian means you're attracted to women, right?
@TyphoidJerry: But why do some women want to be more feminine while still being lesbian ?
CaptainCanadia · 36-40, M
Honestly, it's just how they feel. They want to be feminine, while some want to be masculine. So the femme/butch dynamic exists and is pretty common. There's probably culture stuff (like how we expect a masculine/feminine entity in a household) that may influence that, but we're dealing with stuff beyond my pay grade. AFAIK, it's just how people are. The big thing is our expectations are simple, and reality is complicated.
@TyphoidJerry: Thanks for explaining so much.
Robbycastro · 26-30, M
Deep down, they all want huge dong.
Robbycastro · 26-30, M
@BrokenCode: You love huge dongs don't you?
BrokenCode · F
Yeah I guess we have that in common. Another thing in common is neither of us have one. :)
Robbycastro · 26-30, M
@BrokenCode: Hilarious!
SW User
Because some woman simply love that style and feel comfortable. Hetero woman also have the same style.. . Funny how no one complains about them.. why does it matter.. why should it matter as long as one is comfortable in the way they dress and wear a hair style.. a woman is a woman!

I'm not butch.. I'm not femme.. im not lypstic... im a woman who loves woman.. thats all there is to it!
Sorry, confused earlier..
SW User
pretty sure they just dress how they feel
SW User
@Trooper: not everything is black and white, everyone is different..different balance of chemicals..people dress as they want to be seen, what they think they are.
@Kuronekko: But i'm confused why Butch , is it that they want to be men?
SW User
@Trooper: they can be butch and still want to be you need everyone to tell you exactly who they want to be?

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