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What would you suggest someone who is about to face a job interview?
26-30, M
23 replies
Oct 30, 2016
show confidence , say only the truth and never exagerate , and ask the interviewer questions as well
thinkincubes · 36-40, M
There's other jobs, but only one you. You are the prize, and any company would be better off with you in it.

Of course, self-confidence is probably something you have, not something you can transfer with a pep-talk.
True. 😕
Relax. Research the company. Shower and brush your teeth.
floatingintheocean · 31-35, F
Tell them what they like to hear! otherwise the search shall continue endlessly...
floatingintheocean · 31-35, F
Human resources people interview so many people sometimes they just wanna get it over with and it appears they wanna hear that you can work in teams, that your family is your priority and stuff like that. If you don't know what they like to hear wait until you have more interviews and you'll easily recognize it.
floatingintheocean · 31-35, F
@floatingintheocean: Oh yeah and for your future plans they want to hear that you want to get married and start a cute little family of your own.
littlewonder1990 · 26-30, M
@floatingintheocean: I'll keep that in mind! Thank you :)
Ynotjenn · F
Do your research on the company. Be able to talk about their business. 🤓
Smokey · 41-45, M
Research the company so you can provide answers in how you'll be an asset to them
1961dave · 56-60, M
Try to be relaxed, it shows you're confident in yourself.
DiamondInTheMud · 26-30, M
When u don't know something tell them in a work environment you would do some research to get the answer. Don't play a know-it-all.
Be confident.
Eye contact.
Sir or Ma'am.
Never talk over them.
If there is two, divide and conquer. Take your time.
Sell yourself.
And smile. 😊
1961dave · 56-60, M
If you're interviewed by a lady make sure at some point you look her in the eyes(all of them) and say "what I'd like to do to you"!

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