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Are you bored ?
I may sound pitiful, but I have no friends and I'm home on a Saturday night so just thought I'd see what everyone else is up to
26-30, F
23 replies
Oct 29, 2016
coolboy86 · 31-35, M
im in the same boat as you
wintziee · F
I know I am! :(
achangeofplan · 31-35, M
Yep same here
candycane · 26-30, F
Om doing nothing going to bed
MrGoodbar · 46-50, M
Me too
Spokeskitties75 · 41-45, M
Well I just drove 6 hours back from Vermont to Pennsylvania. I was on vacation. I just finished unpacking and now I'm doing laundry!! Exciting
AlbinoWoman · 26-30, F
I need to clean my room and do laundry
SW User
meh. kinda. it could be worse, I suppose. sorry that it's difficult for you.
SW User
@Quietgamer: yeah, that's not really me, though. sorry if you're missing out.
AlbinoWoman · 26-30, F
@hatred: nah I'm not party person don't like crowds
SW User
@Quietgamer: I can empathize on that. you have all the wonder and fun that is similar worlds, at least!
achangeofplan · 31-35, M
Anyone feel free to message me
ChasingBrainBros · 31-35, M
In bed at work. The springs are poking into me wherever I move.
Spokeskitties75 · 41-45, M
Why don't I have a bed at work?!?
ChasingBrainBros · 31-35, M
I only get to use it at night! So in the day it's just there to mock me.
AlbinoWoman · 26-30, F
New mattress time ?
MalteseFalconPunch · 31-35, M
The same.
Not until I read yooi post

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