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What's your Hogwarts house?

[center]Hufflepuff for the win 馃憣[/center]
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Longpatrol26-30, M
Hufflepuff with a pinch of Ravenclaw
Longpatrol26-30, M
[@18024,RedtheEmerald] Ravenpuff?
[@645510,Longpatrol] Havenclaff
Longpatrol26-30, M
[@18024,RedtheEmerald] that鈥檚 the one!
AirForce68731-35, M
I鈥檓 a Slytherin
Nanori26-30, F
a mixture of Gryffindor and Slytherin
Tinkles26-30, F
Three cheers for the mighty Puff! We even have a magic dragon 馃ぃ
Tinkles26-30, F
[@18024,RedtheEmerald] huh? How did he get involved?
Tinkles26-30, F
[@18024,RedtheEmerald] oh yeah lol! I mean, wouldn't mind sharing the prefect bathroom with him 馃ぉ
Eternity22-25, M
It would be slytherin but I'm black so I'd have to go to gryffindor by default.
[@807598,Eternity] Does that mean the Ravenclaw table is filled with Mexicans?
Eternity22-25, M
[@18024,RedtheEmerald] lmao no blood purity is a requirement to be in slytherin remember?
MrPerditus156-60, M
Took one of those tests and I'm from Hufflepuff.
Penny41-45, F
sorting hat gave me Slytherin lol
SunnyTheSkeptic22-25, M

I'm a proud Hufflepuff.
[@372543,Vivaci] We don't get enough credit tbh
[@18024,RedtheEmerald] Do we crave for it? Nope.
[@372543,Vivaci] Well said my fellow Hufflepuff. That's some shit Gryffindors would do.
I'm from Durmstrang becoz vi all speak like dis here. 馃槤

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