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My neighbor down the hall who broke my bike 2 weeks ago... just beat the shit out of the old lady down the hall.
I'm so upset. The police cant do anything and the landlord HASNT DONE anything ... he even stole packages from the units... I swear I'm so upset. Her face is black and blue and her eyes are nearly swollen shut. I cleaned her whole apartment today. And spent time with her as well and gave her my radio so she can listen to music. 馃ズ
26-30, F
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3 days ago
Edited: 3 days ago
LadyJ41-45, F
That's disturbing poor woman..and why won't the police do anything?
ScarletWitch26-30, F
[@4018,ExperienceDLT] I was a little afraid when I confronted him by my bike when he had the screw driver and bolt. He took one aggressive step at me when I threatened to call the cops and the landlord. I was quite paranoid with his tool. But I knew he wouldnt attack. But I do think he may if I were to confront him again.
LadyJ41-45, F
[@386170,ScarletWitch] she's probably scared and confused..maybe in time she will open up to you and tell u what happened
[@386170,ScarletWitch] dont confront him it's a bad idea he clearly has no problem hitting women he might would hurt you bad let authorities handle it ok dont put yourself at any risk of harm
JRVanguard22-25, M
What the fuck?!

I鈥檓 glad you spent time to comfort her

And he needs to be put in jail

I鈥檓 so sorry you have to live near such a person馃挋
ScarletWitch26-30, F
[@551154,JRVanguard] what's FUCKED UP is he doeant even live here. His gf did. And she broke up with him and left. And the landlord cant kick him out unless he takes him to court. 馃が so he is squatting!
JRVanguard22-25, M
[@386170,ScarletWitch] Oh my god
That鈥檚 so much worst!

With any luck, this incident will be the one to trigger the landlord to do something about it
But from the sounds of it, I shouldn鈥檛 hold my breath
Sounds like someone should return the favor and beat his ass
At least you was kind enough to help her out. You was what she needed the most and that鈥檚 kindness. And I really do hope the person gets caught soon and gets what they deserve.
Heartlander70-79, M
Why can't the police do anything about it?

If the police won't respond it's time to take it to the next level. Call the district attorney, or the state police, or your city council person.

You can't let a thug force you and your neighbors to live in misery.
MrSmooTh26-30, M
If you have a gun just sit by the door and wait for him to break in. This guy sounds like he needs a bullet sandwich.
ThePerfectUsername61-69, M
You have a good heart Em. Keep it well hidden from that ahole and don't let him anywhere near it. 馃
You are a good Tennessean.
fun4us2b56-60, M
That's terrible - good on you for helping her...
TimingQuasars22-25, M
Wtf why would he do that

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