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for you astrology folks

tell me what you think about my placements. aquarius sun, scorpio rising, and gemini moon. i鈥檒l include my venus in aquarius for fun
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Huh?? 馃槼
WalkingLoner22-25, M
What is a rising and moon sign ? How do I know what's mine ? And what does sun sign even mean ?
taehyun18-21, F
[@531790,NotYourEverydayNonsense] Go online and search birth chart. You just need to enter your birth date and time and place.
WalkingLoner22-25, M
[@4143,taehyun] oh cool thanks
pride4926-30, M
Just give us your birth date xD
Nanori26-30, F
[@1108022,tunechi] lul you're 11 years younger than me
Nanori26-30, F
[@351465,pride49] sup 馃槒
pride4926-30, M
[@934648,Nanori] hi
sonofsasquatch26-30, M
hmm I don鈥檛 have any strong opinions about these placements.. your gemini moon implies you deal with your emotions in a whimsical, light-hearted manner I guess?

as a scorpio rising you wear your heart on your sleeve and are inclined to brash and grand displays of emotion, never a light-hearted individual.

aquarius suns are inventive, quirky and intelligent stereotypically. i鈥檝e lots of friends with this sign; my mercury also falling under it.
tunechi18-21, F
[@961800,sonofsasquatch] can i send you the rest of my placements? i鈥檓 curious to hear what you think
amelia2422-25, F
[@961800,sonofsasquatch] damn thank you so much 馃憦馃徏馃憦馃徏
sonofsasquatch26-30, M
[@1108022,tunechi] yeee of course! no problem. PM it if you like.
This message was deleted by its author.
tunechi18-21, F
[@780464,Lostpoet] aquarius
Peppa26-30, F
You're a mess lol.
I don't quite understand aquarians, the women are always very flirtatious but have a really fierce side, whilst Scorpios are very dark, moody, emotional, controlling, possessive, they can be very good at moulding you into a different person- the vision they have of you, and the gemini side must be quite confusing too. All this emotion, you must be running from or delegating a lot of your responsibilities.

The beauty of the gemini is as 2sided as they are they are very good at providing warmth in small doses so if your in a scorpio mood perhaps people won't really mind giving you the space and if you do do the whole scorpion aquarian fixer upper thing they'll feel it's coming from a good place with your aquarian gemini flirtatious charm.

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