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What part of your body do you hate the most ?
13-15, F
34 replies
Oct 25, 2019
ChipmunkErnie · 61-69, M
I was going to say my stomach, but considering the health problems, I'll say my heart.
Shina · 13-15, F
nahright09 · 36-40, M
my belly
YourMomsTabooCrush · 51-55, M
[@355869,nahright09] its a struggle, bro !!! damn pizza and wings. LOL
Shina · 13-15, F
[@355869,nahright09] lol
nahright09 · 36-40, M
[@449169,YourMomsTabooCrush] i'm fighting man...
KatyO83 · 36-40, F
My hips & thighs
Shina · 13-15, F
[@985464,KatyO83] why
KatyO83 · 36-40, F
[@1006246,Niina] my thighs are too fat I certainly do not have the thigh gap all the pretty ones have.
My hips just too broad. Means many small dresses or skirts I'd like to wear look rubbish on me. They don't cling to my legs at all. You know how some have that straight up and down thing. Although I still buy some of them.
Montanaman · 61-69, M
What's to hate 🥰
iam1ofakind · 22-25, F
i like all my body, its not perfect but i got used to it.
i cant imagine anyone hate a part of their body
[@1006246,Niina] 🤷‍♀️
Shina · 13-15, F
[@980195,IseeBeautifulThingsAroundYou] k lol
nahright09 · 36-40, M
[@980195,IseeBeautifulThingsAroundYou] i'm sorry to hear.
MeVeraaa · 22-25, F
JimboSaturn · 51-55, M
You have nice hips in your profile pic :) [@948806,MeVeraaa]
Shina · 13-15, F
[c=#7700B2]I hate my belly cause i have a bit of belly fat...I also hate my back cause its not straight an making my belly plop out lol[/c]
YourMomsTabooCrush · 51-55, M
theres this one particular toe nail. LOL
Shina · 13-15, F
[@449169,YourMomsTabooCrush] hehe lol
JimboSaturn · 51-55, M
I have a bit of a spare tire :(
Shina · 13-15, F
[@339269,JimboSaturn] ?
JimboSaturn · 51-55, M
that's like fat on my back around the waistline [@1006246,Niina]
QuietEd2019 · 26-30, M
[@1006246,Niina] means weight around the middle

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What part of your body do you hate the most ? | Miscellaneous | Similar Worlds