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This is infuriating 🤦🏽‍♀️
18-21, F
14 replies
May 15, 2019
ozgirl512 · 22-25, F
I think the word you're looking for is WASP
SW User
Yes they all are men .so what ?
SW User
[@388015,Chernobylplayground] yes ..white old men what ?
strongbow · 41-45, M
[@926834,Feriha] Liberal/democrats hate white old rich men
SW User
[@395188,strongbow] i am not a liberal ..i am a conservatist ..and i hate noone just because of their faces and appearances and financial status
Just guessing but us it.....old, white, male and corrupt???
And a free pass to those that elected them?
luvnsunshine · 18-21, F
I wonder how they'd feel about a group of all women legislating what they can and can't do with their reproductive organs?
[@448880,luvnsunshine] great idea
luvnsunshine · 18-21, F
[@388015,Chernobylplayground] maybe hold them responsible for irresponsible ejaculations? 😂
Jackaloftheazuresand · 22-25, M
They believe it's a living person and would not allow further crimes be committed just because one was already?
The diversity ...😂
Red ties?

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This is infuriating 🤦🏽‍♀️ | Miscellaneous | Similar Worlds