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Do you prefer Daylight Savings Time or Standard Time?
If you had to vote for a permanent one, which one would you choose?
18-21, F
16 replies
Mar 17, 2019
TacoCat · 18-21, M
Idk I didn't notice a difference until yesterday when someone told me
[@549553,TacoCat] so all these years you didn't know there was such thing?
TacoCat · 18-21, M
[@8344,ScissorhandsFingeredMe] sorta kinda I know what it is I just never know when it's happening
eqfish · 41-45, M
Daylight savings time. I'm a late riser in the morning, if it's called morning, and I very much know my time zone is operating an hour ahead of where it's supposed to be. So bring on the sunlight
eqfish · 41-45, M
[@8344,ScissorhandsFingeredMe] The sunsets here now are about 19:45... Most seem to notice about 7pm. But they have a very ordained life with ritual where my life is always upside down with rotating continental shifts.
[@775769,chelseahotel] I think places with not much light sure need it, it does play an important role in circadian rhythms.
eqfish · 41-45, M
[@8344,ScissorhandsFingeredMe] I ignore the idea of circadian rhythms but that's the front of my work on rotating continental shifts. Im getting at an idea so many people seem to love the summer hours, thinking that's the normal hours of this timezone, it's not.
Love daylight savings
I would love it if Melbourne stayed in daylight saving time penamently. With daylight savings gone the sun is down before 5pm in winter and that’s way too early. At least if we stay in this tome it will go down at 6 but not rise till 8 am.
I really dont care, as long as it doesn't keep changing... I'd be happy
Tracos · 46-50, M
standard.... I think people are free to get out of bed an hour earlier if they want to....
...just dont inflict it on me.....
bookerdana · 56-60, M
DST,but really it's better just ffor Summer when there are mor hours and after work you've stil got some light to enjoy!
Cierzo · 46-50, M
Standard Time all the way. I don't mind sun setting early, but hate it when it rises at 8am or later.
Bluebell · 31-35, F
Daylight saving.
MasterLee · 51-55, M
Zulu time
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