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Do you have an accent?
Where from?
Can you detect a bogus accent?
14 replies
Mar 17, 2019
Yes, we all have an accent. I sound like a white valley girl.
ChaChaRusa · 18-21, F
I have a weird accent but it sounds mostly Catalan
bourbon · 91-99, M
I've been instantly recognized as american overseas. I've heard an english guy laughably imitate one. if I get drunk or really tired I'll slip into a bit of a drawl.
reflectingmonkey · 46-50, M
everyone has an accent, but yes, my accent is quite noticeable when I speak English because i am french Canadian.
Fungirlmmm · 46-50, F
I don't have an accent but everyone else does.
IAMJMAW · 22-25, M
Australian accent here, yes often as it is stupid when people try
I have a San Franciscan accent, which I didn’t realize was a “thing” until I lived out of state. 😄
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] I love San Francisco, but I couldn't live there. Too cold, even in the summer. And how ANYONE can swim in the Pacific is beyond me. They must not feel cold. 🥶
shaelan · 36-40, M
My Canadian accent is it.
BalmyNites · F
Yes, British/South West England
Peaches · F
Sure do! ☺️ It's a southern thang ya'll. I've known some people that can imitate accents very well, so I could be fooled and sure I have been.
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