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It’s selfish?
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It’s selfish to not want to feel pain anymore? It’s selfish to not want to suffer? How about when we do it to others? Is it selfish then? It’s selfish to put an end to your life when all you’re experiencing is pain and agony. But it’s not selfish when you execute a fallen comrade whos been blown in half by a grenade? Or more relatable perhaps; taking your loved one off life support in the hospital? Or how about putting your dog down because she was hit by a car? Is that selfish? In my experience, no. It is not. It’s being merciful. YOU ARE the merciful one when you end another creatures life of misery. Why can’t one be merciful to oneself? Why must it be a selfish thing to put you out of your own misery? What’s the difference? One pain is physical and one is emotional, true. But I would bet money that the majority of people on this planet would rather have a life threatening physical injury than heartbreak. As having your heartbroken unexpectedly can be comparable to stepping on a landline. I have known soldiers who would rather sign up for another tour of duty rather than go home and face hometown heartbreak. I know because they did. I have been the merciful one in the past. I have. I am responsible for my older brothers death, but in the most indirect way. Could I have help him live longer? Of course I could have, but that wasn’t the life he wanted to live and I wanted him happy until his last day. His happiness and death had to be served on the same platter, I decided to serve anyway. I was merciful wasn’t I? Now I’m selfish?? Very well. I will be selfish
26-30, M
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Mar 16, 2019
HeartWingz · 46-50, F
I do not consider you to be selfish.
I feel it is our choice on how to live our life. I also feel that no one knows exactly what each one of us is dealing with. If we decide on something that anyone deems selfish, than so be it. That's our choice.
Knucklez · 26-30, M
In the end we all do what we feel we have to do[@362624,HeartWingz]
HeartWingz · 46-50, F
[@908917,Knucklez] Absopositively agree.
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