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I just looked in the mirror and goddam the horror 馃槀
So much for rhyming馃槀 Rhyme me one back 馃槑
22-25, F
33 replies
Feb 12, 2019
I just looked in the mirror and jumped up in terror.

Skarlett22-25, F
[@44604,Aidolovemostofyourthoughts] haha love it 馃槑
TheInebriatedHermit100+, M
I got a fever
from the mirror!
Skarlett22-25, F
[@885950,tamerlane] ohh noes 馃槷
SouthernBoxer26-30, M
I just looked in the mirror and thought it was my rear, or...
Skarlett22-25, F
[@122506,SouthernBoxer] bhahaha 馃槀馃槀 cracked me up
I keep trying to think of one, but I'm too baked dude. xD
Skarlett22-25, F
[@1218,thecraziestpanda] enjoy thats what were here for! 馃榿
[@813563,Skarlett] Indeed! And I love making other people laugh as well. It makes me happy. :)
Skarlett22-25, F
[@1218,thecraziestpanda] Can change a persons day yeah
YourBuddyRandall22-25, M
I looked in the mirror and it couldn't be clearer...

In my eye's black ichor I held the elixer...

The stuff of all the universe's souls.

Though death made certain that my ringing ears would hear her...

I pay my toll daily; I refuse to fear her.,,
Skarlett22-25, F
[@874102,YourBuddyRandall] Guess you could though Im in a hurry to be honest xD
YourBuddyRandall22-25, M
[@813563,Skarlett] No pressure! I was just being amiable. Don't stress, friend!
Skarlett22-25, F
[@874102,YourBuddyRandall] Its fine honestly
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I just looked in the mirror and goddam the horror ... | Miscellaneous | Similar Worlds