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why does iphone have a million app updates everyday?
is android like this? i hâte the constant updates.
41-45, F
17 replies
Jan 26, 2019
Got to update the metadata base
ThriftStore · 41-45, F
idk what that even means [@327405,theoneyouwerewarnedabout]
SW User
You can turn off automatic updates
ThriftStore · 41-45, F
i want it to do it automatically actually. everyday i got notifications for 23 updates! i need to find out where to turn that ON [@15456,LeahLovee]
SW User
It drains your battery [@778935,ThriftStore]
ThriftStore · 41-45, F
oh. maybe that’s why it’s off 🙄[@15456,LeahLovee]
correctingright · 36-40, M
yeah, android is just as bad
ReticentStorm · 22-25, F
It depends on the app. I have my Galaxy set to not allow auto-update and to not notify me of new updates. That way, it doesn't bug me.
I get an update for my Android every other month or so.
ThriftStore · 41-45, F
for apps or the operating system [@369878,DreamyCrush]
[@778935,ThriftStore] operating system
ThriftStore · 41-45, F
oh i’m talking about all the apps [@369878,DreamyCrush]
Keepitsimple · 46-50, F
Rarely do I even feel like my phone improves after the updates. I know it’s time to upgrade but still, I wish I could say “oh cool, great update!”.
DarkSky · 51-55, M
Forces us to upgrade phones with larger storage
The phone updates itself so long as it is connected to a power source and WiFi. I let it do it’s thing while I sleep.
Mickeymouse123 · 13-15, M
I don't know but it gets on my nerves
It’s the app creator and not Apple that makes the updates. So it all comes down to each individual app.
Updates makes the apps better, faster, more stable.

If it’s annoying, just enable auto updates, and it does it in the background without you ever knowing :)
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