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What are some of the most tragic things happening in our world right now?
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Jan 11, 2019
Azoth0122-25, M
idk but i ran out of coffee sooo....馃樁
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Why.. in 2019 are there tragic things happening?
Nobody gets out of bed with the intent of doing tragic things..

coolhandpeza51-55, M
[@327405,theoneyouwerewarnedabout] Congratulations Aussie , you reached a whole new level of inanity with that one.
Thanks my biggest fan.. can you start blowing kisses or something? [@18451,coolhandpeza]
coolhandpeza51-55, M
[@327405,theoneyouwerewarnedabout] I've already framed your picture.
DDonde26-30, M
Human Trafficking.
ragingfire26-30, M
Some people do things to others that they wouldn't tolerate themselves. The pain inflicted by humans on other humans is at every level.
DearAmbellina211336-40, F
Just the general lack of empathy.
rockstar26-30, M
The way media is being used to control and program the mindset of masses. Tragic.
uncalled451-55, M
Partisan bickering and greed.
puck6156-60, M
Good people living short lives of misery.
Bad people living long lives of luxury.
Parents outliving their children.
Horrible things being done to please God.
Agony for innocence and pleasure for evil.
Pain, suffering, loss, and death on a massive scale.
Greed, rage, cruelty, and pettiness on a massive scale.
How anyone can believe there is nothing after death, is beyond me. Life is too randomly cruel for that to be possible.
Homelessness, people trying to escape the fallout from past imperialism. While the imperialists want to build walls and keep their corners of the world safe, after generations of exploiting and scavenging the homelands of others.
Northerner61-69, M
The destruction of our Rain forest,s and the pollution of our oceans.
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