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What would you count as your worst habit?
36-40, F
35 replies
Feb 9, 2018
Longpatrol902 · 26-30, M
Not completing a
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5thApprentice · 26-30, T Best Answer
SW membership.
mangomonkey · 36-40, F
[@352419,5thApprentice] haha, brilliant
StraCat · 100+, M
Overthinking at times.
StraCat · 100+, M
[@8467,mangomonkey] Lol! Ive fallen into that trap as well. Rain and other white noises definitely help though.
mangomonkey · 36-40, F
[@596789,stracat] I'll have a try of that, thank you 😊
StraCat · 100+, M
[@8467,mangomonkey] No problem. ☺
SW User
Drinking coke
mangomonkey · 36-40, F
[@417592,Dixiechick] I used to from loads of diet coke but stopped. Found it harder to quit than smoking!
SW User
[@8467,mangomonkey] hmmm I just like it! It is not that hard to stop if I wanted to. I know well how to drink tea or kool aid.... and even water.... However I enjoy Coke!
SW User
[@8467,mangomonkey] But I sure would hate to give up my favorite vice ! 😂
WildHeart · 36-40, F
I smoke once in a while.
RobwNH · 36-40, M
bikelover · 46-50, M
Wiggling my feet
mangomonkey · 36-40, F
[@4351,bikelover] you should take up dancing!
bikelover · 46-50, M
[@8467,mangomonkey] the funky gibbon? ☺
mangomonkey · 36-40, F
[@4351,bikelover] 😂
Mysteriousliaisons · 51-55, M
Flirting 😏
badboy4u2day · 46-50, M
Dumping my clothes on the floor but probably have worse habits and you?
mangomonkey · 36-40, F
[@421229,badboy4u2day] over thinking! Bloody annoying....
badboy4u2day · 46-50, M
Don't over think just do!!
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