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Please share your newborn stories
Just had a baby 5 days ago. It has been so hard on us. She is up at night all night and sleeps during the days. Feedings every 2-3 hours. Sometimes inconsolable. It’s rally starting to take a toll on me as it feels like i haven’t slept in 3 days. Husband and I are fighting. He has gone back to work and I’m really doing mostly everything by myself. It’s almost like he forgets I’ve been up all night. He doesn’t seem to have a lot of sympathy towards me when i tell him how tired I’ve been. (He’s been sleeping on the couch all through the night). Can anyone please share their newborn stories? When did it all start to get better?
26-30, F
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Dec 12, 2017
fairone · 46-50, F Best Answer
I greatly sympathize with u. I had 4 babies in 7 years. I did not (on a,few rare occasions) sleep thru a night for 9 years, it seems unimaginable... But ur body does adept, but certainly not fun.

I remember with my 1st, I called everyone I knew with babies begging/hoping they could tell me when she would sleep thru a night. Nobody had answers. When she was 3 months old I was doing dishes in the morning, and literally collapsed in tears and exhaustion. I told my husband I don't think I could survive another week.

But I did.. and had three more to boot. Your body will begin to grow accustomed (with a shit load of caffeine). But you must occasionally DEMAND a night or two of uninterrupted (by baby sleep). Ur sleep probably will still not be normal, mine wasn't for years.. But it will help.

I graciously wish u the best if luck. Lay down every minute u can.. Laundry, cleaning, cooking
.. Play second fiddle to you and the baby. As far as Daddy goes.. Let him do two solid night duties with baby (no help from u at all).. He'll have a greater understanding.. Good luck... Mommy ur already awesome!
Brassm0nk3y · 26-30, F
Gosh, thank you so much. This was so helpful and encouraging. Really needed it. [@332324,fairone]
ZzLig ·
Oy my brother and his wife had a baby and just spending one day with the kid makes me tired..

You have my sympathy :(
Picklebobble2 · 51-55, M
Why is he at work ???
Why aren't the two of you sharing the care, ensuring that you both get periods of rest ?
Salix75 · 41-45, F
sorry to hear you're having such a rough time of things.

My eldest also had his days/nights reversed for the first while. He was a huge eater and refused any kind of formula, so I was nursing all the time (ALL the time!). He also never napped, slept in 45-minute bouts, and was colicky for 7-8 months. I was ready to jump out a window.

BUT, today he is such a sweet, kind, affectionate 9 year old. He's bright, smart and funny, and while you couldn't pay me enough to re-do that first year, I wouldn't trade him for the world :)

Hang in there... it WILL get better eventually.

Remember "the days are long, but the years are short" Good luck! :)
Brassm0nk3y · 26-30, F
Love this. Thank you so much for giving me hope. Very much needed the encouragement [@327737,Salix75]
SW User
Sleep when your baby sleeps. Eventually you adjust.
NearMiss · 41-45, F
Can you take a nap during the day?
Brassm0nk3y · 26-30, F
I wish it were that easy.. it seems she really eats about every 2 hours. I’m usually trying to cleanup/pump or eat myself. By the time i lay down i maybe get a 30 minute nap in.. which for me isn’t really a nap. I’m not the kinda person who just falls asleep within 10-15 minutes. [@333089,NearMiss]
Being a mom is tough. You have to be strong and dedicated. From a husbands point of view it is tough because there is not so much we can do, and while you are healing up there is no sex, so the husband gets frustrated and angry too.
Can you pump milk? If you can get a bottle or two in the fridge, hubby can feed the baby while you sleep, assuming you trust him to do this.
Get as much sleep as you can, and don't spend too much time in here reading, the kid will grow up super fast, you will be amazed in a month when things change, and then change again and again. It does get easier, but the start is tough.
Brassm0nk3y · 26-30, F
Thank you so much for this. Really needed the encouragement[@2440,UreBesFrend]
[@542440,Brassm0nk3y] Every day is one day closer to them sleeping through the night, hang in there, not too much longer. Kids are SO worth it.
Justme5969 · 56-60, M
It's tuff....been there before!!! Wishing you the best!!
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