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I haven’t gone out in 5 days that my skin is getting lighter
#Finals I need HELP
22-25, F
14 replies
Dec 3, 2017
LynnisMissRight · 26-30, F
Well that's good, no? Haha
LynnisMissRight · 26-30, F
[@411353,offingg] well that's shallow, i know. Many girls here try hard to get fair skin, some of them would even do vitamin C injection
offingg · 22-25, F
[@372021,LynnisMe] That’s still racist. Where are you from?
LynnisMissRight · 26-30, F
[@411353,offingg] Indonesia. I have dark skin and idc really. But maybe that's why I'm still single because guys in here into fair skin girl lol
Yiskah · 22-25, M
how's that gonna make you better human being
Yiskah · 22-25, M
[@411353,offingg] you never did
offingg · 22-25, F
[@577239,Yiskah] Are you ok?
Yiskah · 22-25, M
[@411353,offingg] no
Allelse · 26-30, M
But pale skin is so lovely!
offingg · 22-25, F
[@415694,Allelse] So is tanned skin.
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I haven’t gone out in 5 days that my skin is getti... | Miscellaneous | Similar Worlds