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Only a week to go until the US government runs out of money to operate - wI'll it manage to survive?
26-30, F
11 replies
Dec 1, 2017
SW User
Every four years this happens.... There'll be no difference.
peterjohnson · 51-55, M
Wouldn't have this problem if they'd stop giving away all that money to people who don't deserve it.
Booyeah · 36-40, M

Nothing will happen.
lacsar · 41-45, M
One thing seems sure - you will never run out of abject stubidity.....
Dlrannie · 26-30, F
[@70827,lacsar] It is rather sad that you haven't yet learned to spell properly nor provide an answer to the question
lacsar · 41-45, M
It says "write a comment..." in the field...says nothing about answering a querry..

Your questions virtually always exemplifyify your abject stupidity....

furthermore the common theme of insult to both country & leader is always on extremely inane basis further exemplifying your stupidity...

two things are clear :
This country has more to offer than what ever shithole of which you are a denizen .
You're a fucking idiot...

Says "comment"
that's my comment
Dlrannie · 26-30, F
[@70827,lacsar] Haha your positively cute when you get angry
Sirfurryanimal · 61-69, M
Yes.Always does.
polyandrym66 · 61-69, M
About 57 to 58 Million US citizens are on Social Security (me included)..
Not sure how many of them rely ONLY on SS.. But I do..
I'd face utility shut-off (in the middle of winter).. Gas Heat, water, Electricity..
I could eat one meal a day at food banks, but could not cook..
I "think"/"hope" that SS is not included in the shut-down..
Dlrannie · 26-30, F
[@1473,polyandrym66] I sincerely hope your not adversely affected if it happens.
polyandrym66 · 61-69, M
[@324037,Dlrannie] Me too..
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Only a week to go until the US government runs ou... | Miscellaneous | Similar Worlds