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Do you cook your leftover meal in the oven or nuke it in the microwave
22-25, F
14 replies
Sep 25, 2017
BlueMetalChick · 22-25, F
Well it depends on the food. Pizza goes in the OVEN, always, never in the microwave. Fried rice goes on the stove. Soups usually go in the microwave.
unknownpoetx · 31-35, M
I don't cook leftovers. that's disgusting.
littlepinklotus · 36-40, F
Antiquity · F
Microwave, unless it's pizza.
Diyanne · F
Grover · M
I nuke it and I rigged the microwave to work with the door open so I can keep a close watch on my food😁
Justlilyg · 26-30, F
Microwave but I must admit I'm not a fan of my microwave anymore. I put my food on for 4 mins came out piping hot. I waited a minute or two for it to cool down half way through it was stone cold...
Oven, but mostly leftovers are given to the animals outside in the nature.
Nunos50 · 51-55, M
Normally for us left overs is unused meat from a roast etc in which case we recook as hotpot or risotto etc. So rarely nuke in the microwave
blendednotshaken · 41-45, M
toaster oven or stove top🍽 no nukes.📡
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Do you cook your leftover meal in the oven or nuke... | Miscellaneous | Similar Worlds