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Do you think we should avoid discussing historical events?
22-25, F
32 replies
Sep 1, 2017
Mividaloca · 18-21, M
Absolutely not. Why should we?
ManicMortuary · 22-25, F
[@322299,Masarch96] People seemed to be perturbed whenever they're reminded of our history...whether it be slavery, the holocaust, or the trail of tears. Just seems like folks would rather pretend these things never happened.
Mividaloca · 18-21, M
[@427301,ManicMortuary] To me pretending doesnt change the fact that they did happen. Remembering attrocities and seeing them for what they are keep us from repeating them.
Leaving out the hatred part of history wouldn't be so bad.
Mividaloca · 18-21, M
[@593126,Duckface] You're not wrong, but if you close your eyes, act like something didnt happen and that everything is all happy and fun you are simply being dishonest with yourself.
[@322299,Masarch96] Filling yourself up with hate from the past solves literally nothing. It is better to forget than to remember and have it affect you and the way you act. The history of slavery is a huge impact on racism.
Mividaloca · 18-21, M
[@593126,Duckface] I don't think that is necessarily the case. The roots of racism come from slavery, that is undeniable. However, I highly doubt some racist today hates African americans because of somethong that happened 200 years ago. It comes more from how they were raised and tearing down statues and covering up history won't change that.
Jentlemen · 41-45, M
because we don't want to label some people as bad guys ? Like Hitler&Co
SW User
Nope, this land use to belong to the Natives remember when Trump became President? God that sucked and OJ did it.
Yes, since so many here are ignorant of history.
ManicMortuary · 22-25, F
[@322299,Masarch96] Hahaha!! I would've gotten goofy with it
[@427301,ManicMortuary] It's easy to fall in love with history.
Mividaloca · 18-21, M
[@427301,ManicMortuary] Haha it was a fun time, except that I procrastinated and wrote it in 3 days 😂😂😂 my character was interesting to say the least, certainly not a good person XP
Mistermanners · 31-35, M
BozoBoy · 31-35, M
Let's not and say we did sugar plum.
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